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Welcome to HIS International School,

where we believe in creating a legacy for tomorrow. HIS International School has its beginning from humble institutions, the brainchild of an established kindergarten, tuition chain and a training centre.

With strong foundations in both education and character-building, our students will truly be the legacy of tomorrow.

"The Legacy of Tomorrow." We believe that legacy is the greatest thing we can leave for future generations. We are creators of legacy and we incorporate that into our DNA and culture so that every student at HIS International School has a legacy mindset. That they will be the future movers and shakers of tomorrow and carry on the legacy that we start today.

  • HIS International School is licensed by the
  • Ministry of Education, Malaysia.
  • Registration No.: BUBH031

Education is fundamental. It is something we all need and something that never stops.

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Our Core Values


Developing students who are people of their word. To be those who will say what they mean and do what they say.

Culture of Honour

Cultivating generations of students that honour parents, elders, leaders and their country. Honour has a ripple effect that starts from within.


To cultivate a mindset of hard work and carrying through till completion.


To develop a generation of students who know the value of what's placed in their hands.


Through our courses and guidance, we want to create generations of students that will not give up easily, but are resilient.

Believing in People

To cultivate a culture of believing in people and that every person has potential. Believing in the uniqueness of every child and nurturing them to their fullest potential.

We believe the best way to bring up a positive child in a negative world is to put the child in a positive environment or love, acceptance, and encouragement.

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